Breeding Practice Fun With Tigerr

Dan arrives with submissive Tigerr being lead with a neck chain. Tigerr is also wearing a slightly see-through pink polka dot top, skimpy miniskirt and high heels. Dan shows Tigerr the breeding stool setup and soon she is stroking his stiff oiled cock on the sofa as he explains that some of his babes come over to see him expressly for breeding purposes and how he needs to practice his technique. Dan discusses in detail with Tigerr how she can help by letting him practice his breeding skills on her. Soon Dan is fucking Tigerr’s arse sideways on the sofa (straight-to-arse) and then also in prone position and again on the edge of the sofa. When Dan can no longer hold back his sperm he pops Tigerr up on the breeding stool, fucks her arse some more and then pulls out and pops a breeding load into her lusty cunt as she milks the spunk out of his balls.